Three months ago, the Catholic League embarked on a petition drive requesting that Disney chief, Michael Eisner, do the right thing and remove the ABC show, “Nothing Sacred,” from the air.  To date, Eisner has been sent approximately 750,000 names, and now we are prepared to send him an additional 250,000, bringing the grand total to 1,000,000 persons who have signed our petition.

William Donohue released the following statement about the latest news:

“The Catholic League is delighted with the results of its petition drive.  As we have been saying over the past few months, the league objects to ‘Nothing Sacred’ because of its political tendentiousness: its message is to convince viewers that those Catholics who challenge the Church’s teachings on women and sexuality are more  compassionate, and therefore better, Catholics than those who uphold Church teachings as they exist.  The agenda is to make the culture more accepting of dissident Catholics, thus making those who support the magisterium appear as if it were they who were the ones who were out of step.  That no other religion is targeted in such a manner explains the principal concern of the Catholic League.

“Those who follow Catholic activists know that for over a year the so-called We Are Church people have been trying to secure the names of one million Catholics-from all over the world-who support the very changes in the Church that ‘Nothing Sacred’ promotes.  So what’s the tally?  They’ve got a whopping 37,000 names.  By contrast, the Catholic League reached in three months what We Are Church set out to do.  And we did it by never leaving the U.S.

“Those who continually question who the Catholic League speaks for should stew over this for a while before they sit down at their keyboard again.”

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