In a recent issue of Catalyst, we reported on the bigoted attack that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) made on Boys Town. PETA had charged Boys Town with animal abuse, and in the course of introducing its readers to Boys Town, it made inflammatory and wholly inaccurate charges of pedophilia against the priests who once ran Father Flanagan’s famous home.

After Boys Town and the Catholic League provided evidence that exonerated Boys Town of any wrongdoing on the part of priests, PETA backed off these charges. So now its latest fund-raising letter simply repeats the charges of animal abuse. But it is now certain that PETA was wrong on this accusation as well.

According to a report file by the Office for Protection from Research Risks, a federal office associated with the National Institutes of Health, the results of an investigation stated that there was no merit whatsoever to charges of animal abuse occurring at Boys Town.

So now that the kittens aren’t being abused, and there are no miscreant priests at Boys Townnot now or in the pastjust what the bigots at PETA will do for an encore is anyone’s guess.

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