Bill Donohue’s new book, THE CATHOLIC ADVANTAGE: Why Health, Happiness, and Heaven Await the Faithful,
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Book Description

Publication Date: March 3, 2015
The controversial president of The Catholic League shows how the Church may be the best guide for achieving long-term health and happiness.

Religious Americans are by far the healthiest and happiest of any segment of the population—this is true across religions according to recent Gallup polls. Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, goes a step further to show that Catholicism will not only make you healthy and happy, but it will ultimately lead you to heaven too.

In his latest book, The Catholic Advantage, Donohue turns his attention to the ways Catholicism is experienced by believers. He explores a simplified and practical way of looking at the faith, demonstrating how Catholic living enhances our well-being. With exciting new research and time-honored wisdom, Donohue shows how the application of beliefs, bonds and boundaries lead to a bountiful life, while the atheism, narcissism, and hedonism of secular intellectuals and celebrity culture paves the path to misery.

Donohue writes, “Catholics who have faithfully followed the precepts of their religion, and have lived a life of good health and happiness, are nicely positioned to experience even greater happiness in heaven. Anyone who bats three for three, especially given these stakes, must be doing something right.”

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The Catholic Advantage is a challenging invitation to look at what Catholic faith and its vision of life bring not only to believers but to the whole world. Bill Donohue convincingly argues that the beliefs, bonds, and boundaries of Catholicism are the formula for enjoying a good life on earth and reaching its ultimate fulfillment in heaven. It is a pleasure to recommend The Catholic Advantage because it is an excellent starting point in examining the richness of Catholic faith in contrast with the false promises of happiness that permeate so much of contemporary culture.”
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, Coauthor of The Mass

“G.K. Chesterton once famously said ‘art is limitation.’ In this countercultural broadside, Bill Donohue makes the case that well-being is best found in the joyful boundaries of Catholicism. With the insight of the sociologist that he is (and a formidable right hook), Donohue demolishes the ‘dictatorship of relativism’ and celebrates the wonders of the Catholic vision. It is a work at once revealing, biting, and, finally, inspiring.”
Raymond Arroyo, EWTN Lead Anchor and Author of Five New York Times Bestsellers

“Generally, Catholics make an act of faith that Christ’s effects on them in this life and the next will work to their eternal benefit. While the advantage of going to heaven instead of hell cannot be demonstrated by the social or physical sciences, the effects of Catholicism during this life can be so studied. Bill Donohue uses his skills as a sociologist, his common sense without the politically correct blinders of secular ideology, and his tenacious Catholic faith to point out the tremendous advantages of being a Catholic. Stay alert for many surprises as you learn how much better off Catholics are than secular, agnostic or atheist people. Bless their hearts.”
Father Mitch Pacwa, Host of EWTN Live

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