On November 18, Bill Donohue wrote to Michael B. Keegan, president of People For the American Way (PFAW), challenging him to a debate. This was done in response to Keegan’s challenge the day before to Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio: he invited DiMarzio to participate in a public forum on the issue of the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s “Hide/Seek” exhibition featuring a vile video of ants running all over Jesus on the Cross. Bishop DiMarzio had asked that the video not be included in the exhibition. Because we led the charge against the video last year when it was shown at the Smithsonian—it was pulled after we put public pressure on the museum—Donohue thought it only appropriate that Keegan debate him.

Donohue closed his letter by saying the following: “Please be advised that I am in a win-win situation and you are in a lose-lose. If you say yes, you will lose the debate. If you say no, I will tell the entire world.”

Ten days later, in the “Right Wing Watch” section of PFAW’s website, came the reply, written for Keegan by Josh Glasstetter. Here’s what was said:

“In fact, debating Donohue would be the lose-lose.” That’s right.

“Donohue is a press hound of the worst sort who feeds off contrived controversies.” Donohue replied, “Thanks to PFAW and their ilk, I don’t have to contrive anything.”

“It would be a mistake to provide any more oxygen to Donohue’s one-man challenge.” One-man? How do they know he wouldn’t bring an army?

Here’s their most manly statement of all: “In another century, a guy like Donohue might have challenged us to a duel.” Might have?

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