Karen Davis, principal of a suburban Philadelphia school, Simmons Elementary, has removed from the school a nativity scene that was put there by parents.  “I felt that the nativity scene was definitely promoting Christianity,” she said.  When asked why she is allowing the Jewish menorah, also a religious symbol, she opined, “Judaism is not just a religion, it’s a culture.”

Catholic League president William Donohue says the school is setting itself up for a lawsuit:

“I am notifying Dr. William A. Lessa, Superintendent of Schools for the Hatboro-Horsham School District, that one of his schools, Simmons Elementary, will be sued if he doesn’t intervene to reverse the decision by Principal Karen Davis.  The inane comments made by Davis make us wonder how someone this badly educated could ever be appointed a principal, but that is not our beef.  Our beef is religious discrimination.  The ball is in Dr. Lessa’s court.”

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