On May 11, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at Liberty University’s Commencement, offering a stirring address. “The truth is,” he said, “we live in a time when the freedom of religion is under assault.” He cited Christian persecution worldwide as Exhibit A.

Pence also talked about attacks on religion in the United States. He said that “we live in a time when it’s become acceptable and even fashionable to ridicule and even discriminate against people of faith.” He cited as an example the reaction on the part of “the media and the secular Left” to his wife’s teaching at a Christian elementary school earlier this year; she was vilified for doing so.

The vice president was right to say that “these attacks are un-American.” He was also right to say that “Some of the loudest voices for tolerance today have little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs.”

He didn’t hold back in his admonition to the graduating class. He warned that “you’re going to be asked not just to tolerate things that violate your faith; you’re going to be asked to endorse them. You’re going to be asked to bow down to the idols of the popular culture.”

Pence does not exaggerate. Just read this issue of Catalyst for proof. Indeed, our website provides all the evidence one needs to demonstrate the veracity of Pence’s remarks.

Congrats to Vice President Mike Pence for telling the truth about the unhealthy state of religious liberty.

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