Bill Donohue

When Kamala Harris recently dropped the F-bomb, in her sitting capacity as vice president of the United States, her descent to the gutter was noticed by millions. But when low-class rockers call Harrison Butker a “f**king p****y,” it is par for the course. Butker has been condemned by anti-Catholic bigots for giving a Catholic speech at a Catholic college. The latest to chime in is Eddie Vedder.

Who is Eddie Vedder? Never heard of him. But I have heard of Pearl Jam, and he is their lead singer. Not knowing anything about him, I wondered if he was a pro-abortion, pro-transgender, former or current alcoholic and/or drug user, who is filthy rich. That was the extent of my internet search. Guess what? I was right about everything.

Vedder’s love for abortion is so strong that in 1992 he scrawled “PRO-CHOICE!!!” in bold letters on his bare left arm during a performance on “MTV Unplugged.” In 2020, he confessed to the New York Times, “my thinking about abortion germinated from personal experience.” We can only guess what that means, and quite frankly it’s best we don’t know. We do know that while he doesn’t value innocent human life, he does value the rainforest; he is a generous donor to its preservation.

When North Carolina and Tennessee objected to allowing boys to compete with girls in sports, and shower together, Vedder went ballistic. Nice to know what angers him.

According to one music source, “Pearl Jam members were known to  drop acid or smoke pot.” Vedder was also known for his heavy drinking and chain smoking.

Vedder bought a home for $34 million. That was a generation ago, in 1990. Today his net worth exceeds $100 million. No doubt he hates white privilege.

This is just the kind of guy we would expect to attack Butker.

Oh, yes, he proudly exclaims that people like him are “more tolerant, they’re more understanding [and] more emphatic of others.” Excluding, of course, the unborn, women, girls, and Catholics.

Why is it that it is always the tolerant ones who are the biggest Stalinists?

Contact Pearl Jam’s publicist, Sarah Seiler:

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