PBS has a long track record of biased reporting, so there is no news in reporting that in a show on homosexuality and the Catholic Church, the Church came off badly. “In the Life–Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which was broadcast in New York on December 20, concentrated on the struggle that gays and lesbians face on Catholic campuses. Victim and victimizer were predictably covered in classic PBS style, which is to say that our side lost.

A gay faculty member at Notre Dame University, Professor Matt Jordan, was given a lot of air time to air his discontent with Church doctrine, even to the point of saying that the Catholic Church was “uncomfortable” about sexuality and absolutely “terrorized” about homosexuality.

Professor Jordan could have added that there are also those in the Church who are postively revolted by Catholics like himself, but that view never surfaced. Too bad, because had it done so, it would have allowed PBS to break its own mold.

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