We have fielded several questions lately by those interested in Bill Donohue’s relationship with Pastor John Hagee. This came as a result of Pastor Hagee’s presence at Governor Rick Perry’s Houston prayer rally in August. Some pundits have subsequently said that Hagee’s attendance represents a “Catholic problem” for the Texas governor.

Without being asked by either Perry or Hagee, Donohue addressed the media saying, “Let me set the record straight one more time: whatever issues I had with Pastor John Hagee were fully resolved once I received his May 12, 2008 letter expressing his ‘deep regret for any comments that Catholics have found hurtful.’ Three days later, thanks to the intervention of Deal Hudson, Hagee came to my office seeking reconciliation. He succeeded.”

Christians understand the meaning of forgiveness. What we despise are attempts to keep people from reconciling. Moreover, Catholics get especially exercised when those who have never shown one iota of interest in condemning anti-Catholicism all of a sudden begin denouncing it.

We hope this puts an end to the gossip.

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