Catholic League members know that we have stayed on the back of bigot-comedian Bill Maher for years. It was only fitting, then, that we offered some parting shots when we learned that his show was to be thrown off the air over the summer. Here’s how we said goodbye:
      “Over the years we have had a good time reading the enfeebled responses of ABC officials defending Maher’s anti-Catholicism. In October 1998, we learned that ‘the program goes to great lengths to make sure they offend as many groups as possible.’ In point of fact, Maher is not an equal-opportunity offender: in his May 24 interview with Larry King, Maher, who was raised Catholic and is half-Jewish, dumped on Catholics while speaking emphatically about the plight of Jews and blacks. Just like he did on his show for years.
      “In November, 1999, we were told ‘The aim of this program is to question the standards by which our society draws lines of tastes and otherwise stratifies itself and categorizes the behavior of its citizens.’ Not true. The aim of the show is to bash those whom it is not politically incorrect to do so. Like Catholics.
      “In August, 2000, we were informed that ‘Mr. Maher and the producers of the show regularly push the limits of the envelope to encourage examination of societal norms.’ Not so. If this were true, Maher would have regularly pushed gay hot buttons by examining why so many of them engage in AIDS-producing behavior at AIDS fund-raising events.
      “In January, 2001, we were told the show is ‘cutting edge.’ But there is nothing ‘cutting edge’ about a show that appeals to the most debased appetites in society. By this logic, Jerry Springer is a genius.
      “In the King exchange, Maher was serious when he admitted, ‘I think religion is bad and drugs are good.’ He also said ‘If you want to kill yourself, kill yourself. I’m pro-death.’ This explains everything. Now we know what makes him tick. He needs our prayers.”

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