Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on tomorrow’s debate at the Oxford Union:

At the beginning of December, I was invited to participate in a debate at the Oxford Union on the alleged sins of the Catholic Church. I agreed. A month later, I was disinvited. Those who extended the invitation then lied about it.

Oxford Union president Daniel Wilkinson was among the liars. Why did he chicken out? Couldn’t he find someone to debate me? Or was he afraid I would win? Either way, someone got to him. That he categorically refused to speak to the media about this issue—I sure didn’t—speaks volumes about his veracity.

In my place, one of the persons asked to defend the Catholic Church is a known Church hater, Marci Hamilton. In her assaults on the Church, she works cooperatively with Mitchell Garabedian, one of the persons she is scheduled to “debate”! As I have said, having Hamilton defend the Church is analogous to having a supporter of the Klan defend African Americans.

In short, Wilkinson has made a joke of himself and brought discredit to this once venerable institution. It, too, is now a joke. That’s quite a legacy. Oh, Danny boy.

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