What is it about our religious themes and icons that seem so irresistible to Madison Avenue executives? The latest example of this comes from Spike Lee, better known for his Hollywood forays.

Lee has been commissioned by Fox Sports to do an ad for its coverage of National Hockey League games. Lee chose comedian Flip Wilson to preach from a pulpit at “Our Lady of the Puck.” Filmed at Woolman Rink in Central Park, Wilson preaches “the gospel of hockey to dozens of ‘worshippers’ in wooden pews on the ice.” He proclaims, “To win a Stanley Cup, you must do unto others…but not in front of the refs!–Hallelujah.”

We don’t find this crude or insulting, just dumb, which is why we won’t protest. But if this represents Spike Lee’s best effort at breaking into Madison Avenue, we suggest that he stay put on the west coast.

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