Catholic League president William Donohue commented today on the Oscar nominees:

“This year’s Oscar nominees tell us a great deal about the Hollywood mindset.  As in previous years, the theme of good and evil permeates many of the films.  With a Hollywood twist, of course.  To wit: a positive spin is put on pedophilia, homosexuality, suicide, abortion and communism; a negative spin is put on religion, especially Catholicism.

“It would be unfair to say that Hollywood likes all perverts, as evidenced by the way a molesting Catholic priest is portrayed in ‘Twist of Faith.’  But it does like perverts like J.M. Barrie and Alfred Kinsey, which is why it covered up their habits in ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘Kinsey.’  In real life, Barrie, the author of ‘Peter Pan,’ was a pedophile who got his kicks out of taking pictures of naked boys.  In real life, Kinsey was a sado-masochistic, child-abusing homosexual.  But none of this is revealed in the films based on these sickos.

“Hollywood’s preference for euthanasia gets a good ride in ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘The Sea Inside,’ and its fondness for abortion and communism is seen in ‘Vera Drake’ and ‘The Motorcycle Diaries.’  Indeed, the only holy figures that Hollywood seems to like this year are the abortionist in ‘Vera Drake’ and Che Guevara, the communist thug, in ‘The Motorcycle Diaries.’

“And what would we do without Sister Rose Thering?  It’s not good enough to brand Mel Gibson—and millions of Americans—bigots.  No, what needs to happen is to give high profile to some little movie like ‘Sister Rose’s Passion’ so that Mel, and the Catholic Church, take a few more lumps.

“So these are Hollywood’s moral values: sexual license, suicide, Marxism and anti-Catholicism.  And they wonder why they’re hated.”

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