The following letter was sent to NBC chief Bob Wright on Friday:

I am writing on behalf of myself and Brent Bozell, president, Parents Television Council.

We have not heard whether NBC is planning to air the Madonna concert in full, or whether the offensive “Mock Crucifixion” segment, which insults the most sacred symbol of our Christian faith, will be cut. We assume, however, that a decision not to offend Christian sensibilities will prevail. In the event we are wrong, it is only fair to notify you of what we intend to do.

If the “Mock Crucifixion” segment is not excised, we will organize a boycott of one of the sponsors. Which one is uncertain—that will be decided via a conference call the day after the show. In addition to the two of us, we will seek the support of our allies: we have many friends across several religious communities who command large activist organizations; we feel certain they would join us in this effort. While we recognize that there is no moral difference between whatever sponsor we decide to boycott and all the others, we also recognize the inutility of trying to organize a boycott against all of them. So we will target just one.

As we indicated, we do not expect to be put in the position of making this choice.

Thank you for your consideration.

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