160px-Creators_Logo1Bill Donohue faxed and mailed the following letter today to David Yontz, Managing Editor at Creators Syndicate:

In doing this job for over 20 years, I don’t believe I have read a more anti-Catholic screed from a mainstream media source than Jamie Stiehm’s piece from January 7, “The Catholic Supreme Court’s War on Women.” Every vintage stereotype from the 19th century is featured: Catholics can’t think for themselves; they take their marching orders from the Vatican; they let their religion drive their professional opinions (even when they are called to be objective); they are anti-women; they seek to impose their agenda on others; they don’t believe in separation of church and state; the bishops “meddle” in politics; the Vatican dictates Catholic outcomes abroad; and freedom is jeopardized by the Catholic Church.

When it comes to bigotry, I draw a distinction between a critique and insult, between disagreement and disdain, and between pointed criticism and invidious stereotypes. Stiehm’s article is strewn with insult, disdain and invidious stereotypes. If this piece had been written about any other segment of the population, it would not have been disseminated by Creators Syndicate. Now that it has, the most just outcome is to drop her column from your list.

Contact Yontz: dyontz@creators.com

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