Last year, on the day before St. Patrick’ Day, Planned Parenthood of Connecticut distributed green condoms at the state Capitol in Hartford. The condoms read, “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” “Put on the Green” and “Four Leaf Clover.” In stepped state senators and the Catholic League to protest, causing a ruckus. The league’s press release was entitled, “The Bigots at Planned Parenthood.”

On the off chance that the bigots would repeat, we called the offices of Planned Parenthood in Connecticut the week before the march. When we asked if they were planning to do it again, we were told that “it got out of hand last year and was not representative of their work.” Once, it appears, was enough.

Remember this the next time someone criticizes the Catholic League for being too tough. It is not likely that Planned Parenthood would have backed off this year had it not been for the heat they got last year.

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