Pat Oliphant, a popular syndicated cartoonist, took the occasions of the Pope’s remarks about Islam and Congressman Foley’s disgrace to bash the Catholic Church. What is particularly troubling about Oliphant’s cartoons is that he has previously spoken out against wantonly attacking a religion. Earlier this year, Oliphant deemed the Danish cartoons that so enraged Muslims “needless and useless provocation.” He then boasted that he is able to accomplish his aims “without resorting to gratuitous ridicule of their religion or the icons attached to it.”

Obviously he doesn’t hold himself to the same standard when it comes to the Catholic Church. Instead, he trots out the old canard that all priests are abusers and that Christian violence is responsible for the hostility shown by many Muslim extremists. Oliphant has repeatedly shown his anti-Catholic colors. Those mainstream newspapers who continue to publish him must not think highly of their Catholic readers.

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