When an Oklahoma lawmaker compared the evil of abortion to the evil of slavery, he was immediately condemned by left-wing activists. After we got involved, his critics were put on their heels and retreated. It turned out to be a happy ending.

In April, during the course of debating pro-life legislation in Oklahoma, state Rep. Jim Olsen made an apt analogy. “None of us would like to be a slave. If I had my choice, I guess I’d be a slave. At least the slave has his life. Once your life is gone, it’s gone. And I’m not minimizing slavery.”

Pro-abortion activists and politicians exploded. Olsen was accused of using “racist terms” in a “cavalier” fashion. His “insensitive” comments were right out of the “Dark Ages.”

Olsen stood his ground. “In the context of history in general, I did compare one evil to another and very frankly I make no apology for it.” No matter, some Democrats initially weighed proposals to censure the Republican state lawmaker.

“I never spoke positively of slavery,” Olsen said. “One evil at one time was acceptable in our society, and now it’s not. I look forward to the time when we stop killing babies.”

After we listed Olsen’s email address in our news release, our side flooded his office with letters of encouragement. He called Bill Donohue to thank him, saying the scale of his support totally outdid the response of his critics. Thus did he emerge unscathed.

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