Here is what Michelle Obama told members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday: “And to anyone who says that church is no place to talk about these [political] issues, you tell them there is no better place—no better place. Because ultimately, these are not just political issues—they are moral issues.”

Bill Donohue comments on the First Lady’s remarks:

Michelle Obama followed in the footsteps of her husband yesterday when she called for the politicization of religion. President Obama has explicitly called for “congregation captains” to organize for his reelection.

George W. Bush was constantly branded a “theocrat” for simply discussing Christianity, and for naming Jesus as his favorite philosopher. But no such pernicious labeling awaits the Obamas, not even from militant secularists and civil libertarians.

Since the Obamas have taken the gloves off—in effect calling for Americans not to be restrained by separation of church and state legalisms—others should follow suit. I hope that the bishops, priests, evangelical ministers, and the orthodox members of all religions are taking note. We don’t have two constitutions: if the Obamas are giving the green light to those in their faith community to merge politics and religion, there are no more red lights left for anyone to obey.

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