judgesBill Donohue comments on a five-judge Manhattan Appellate Division panel that overturned a termination ruling against two lesbians who were caught having sex in a classroom:

In 2009, two tenured women teachers at James Madison High School in Brooklyn went drinking after school, and then returned to attend a student singing contest. Apparently bored, they walked out and went to Room 337. A janitor found them naked from the waist up (one was on her knees) having sex. They were subsequently fired, and after years of appeals, they were reinstated yesterday by a panel of appellate judges.

The judges decided that termination was too stiff a penalty. Indeed, they condemned it for being “shockingly disproportionate.” They also commended the teachers for attending the musical competition after school hours, noting that they “were not required to do so.” The ruling emphasized that this was “consensual sexual conduct,” and that it was not “in and of itself criminal or otherwise improper.” (My italics.)

Lesbians. Public school teachers. Tenured. That’s a trifecta—hard to beat. Now if two priests were caught having sex in a classroom, and were given the green light by church authorities, it would be the lead story on the national evening news. But because of the trifecta conditions cited, this is nothing more than a passing local story.

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