After a strong fight by the Catholic League and our supporters, the young Canadian man, Dominique (his username is “fsmdude”) has removed his Eucharist desecration videos from YouTube.

In October, after several unsuccessful attempts to reach YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, a YouTube official called Bill Donohue. The official told Donohue that YouTube had “age-gated” the hateful videos, which required viewers to verify their age. Moreover, the official told Donohue that the viewer would be informed that the material might not be appropriate.

Donohue was told that this was a “preliminary step,” part of an ongoing review process. In other words, they took the protests of the Catholic League and our members seriously.

Within a couple of weeks of YouTube’s response to the league, “fsmdude” removed all of his videos—there were over forty of them—in which he desecrated the Body and Blood of Christ. Examples of his desecration included flushing the Host down the toilet, putting it in a blender, feeding it to an animal, driving a nail through it, etc.

It should be noted that the young man admitted that he removed the videos as a result of the pressure he received from his father and the public embarrassment that these videos caused him.

While there are sure to be copycats that pop up every now and again, it is refreshing to know that YouTube will now take these actions and deal with offensive videos accordingly. We appreciate the seriousness that YouTube showed and we hope videos like these never find their way back to the popular website.

We would like to thank all of those who stood by our side and contacted YouTube. Without your support, results such as this are much harder to obtain.

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