Following a complaint by the Catholic League, eBay, the online auction site, withdrew an Open Wound CD by The Grey Wolves entitled, “Catholic Priests F— Children.”  There is a sketch of naked boys and girls on the cover and a picture of a Catholic priest.

Here is what Catholic League president William Donohue said about the CD:

“After what happened on 9-11, we thought perhaps that Catholic bashing would retreat, however temporarily.  Not so.  Indeed, there is plenty of evidence that the anti-Catholics have stepped up their efforts.  The latest example is the CD by The Grey Wolves.  It is beyond a doubt the most vile recorded attack on Catholic priests that we have seen.

“We appreciate the quick and decisive response of eBay officials to our complaint.  Because those responsible for hawking this item are from Germany, the Catholic League will monitor what is going on in that country more closely.  It is our hope that the anti-Catholics there do not succeed in spreading their virus to the U.S.”

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