In what is believed to be the most obscene piece of artwork to attack Catholics ever seen, a female student at Penn State crafted a huge vagina–in a grotto-like shape–complete with human hair, and placed a statue of Our Blessed Mother within it; it was displayed on the campus lawn in full view of the students, faculty and administrators. Done as a project for an art class, it was removed by school officials after complaints from resident Catholics.

The student said that her “work” was a statement about oppression of women in the Catholic Church. The league sent a letter to the president of Penn State, Dr.Graham Spanier, asking what action, if any, has been taken against her. Specifically, we asked whether the student “has been required to attend a sensitivity training workshop on prejudice, especially as it bears on Catholics?” We also wanted to know “what the university’s customary response is to incidents of this kind when it affects other segments of the student population.”

Members who would like to write directly to the president can contact Dr. Spanier at Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802.

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