Late night talk-show hosts are known for their edgy comedic routines, and for the most part, they learn not to cross the line. There are two hosts, however, who make it a habit to cross the line, especially when it comes to Catholics: Samantha Bee and Bill Maher.

These are the same two foul-mouthed anti-Catholic bigots who the president of the United States recently decided to honor by going on their TV shows.

President Obama was interviewed on October 31 by Bee on her TBS show, and on November 4 on Maher’s HBO show. Bee, of course, was respectful, and so was Maher. But both have a history of saying things about the pope, priests, the sacraments, and Catholicism in general, that are downright malicious. Here is a sample.

Earlier this year, Bee obscenely ridiculed St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson for raising concerns about the pro-abortion ties of the Girl Scouts. She attacked him for not being the “best person to judge what you do with your body,” instructing him that “if you don’t want girls getting knocked up, and you won’t let them have contraception, you better teach the Boy Scouts to use some of those fancy knots on their d****.”

When cardinals assembled to elect a new pope in 2013, Bee called the gathering a “grope,” likening it to “molestation,” saying that the process was not complete until the cardinals reached a “fellatio,” or “oral consensus,” culminating in “white smoke rising from the chimney.”

Maher is so vicious that we have compiled a record of some of his most anti-Catholic statements from 1998-2016. His latest offensive remark came in June when he said of Pope Francis, “at least my big dumb hat gets me p***y.” Earlier in the year, Maher commented on a 2014 episode of “Family Guy” where, he said, “Jesus was f**king Peter’s wife, but it was a scam. He was f**king a lot of people’s wives.”

President Obama has told us for eight years how insensitive we have become to others, how bullying is widely tolerated, and how bigotry mars our culture—he is especially keen on driving these points home when it comes to blacks, gays, and Muslims—yet he offered a respectful platform to Bee and Maher.

Someone should have asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest why the president gave cover to these two anti-Catholic bigots. That he chose the week before the election shows how downright hypocritical he is. We hope that Catholics took note.


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