The Obama administration has sided with the Vatican in holding that the Ninth Circuit Court erred when it ruled that an exception could be made to the federal law that grants immunity to other nations seeking immunity from lawsuits arising from cases of abuse in the U.S.

A man who alleges he was sexually abused in the 1960s by a priest in Oregon brought suit maintaining that the Vatican should be held responsible because there were accusations made against the priest before he was transferred to the western state. The Vatican has long argued that the Holy See is not responsible for the behavior of priests in the various dioceses throughout the world.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue was happy with the decision:

By the most elementary standards of justice, this was the right ruling. First, the idea that anyone should be permitted to sue, independent of the nature of the offense, for an incident that allegedly took place a half century ago, is patently outrageous. Second, the idea that Catholic priests line up single file, taking their cues from the Vatican, and that the Holy See could possibly be held accountable for the actions of priests all over the globe, is positively ludicrous.

The Catholic League commends the Obama administration, and especially Supreme Court nominee Eleanor Kagan, the Solicitor General involved in this suit. Justice was served.

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