Catholic League president Bill Donohue makes public his letter to President Barack Obama. To read our report on Bill Maher, click here. Donohue’s letter is printed below.

Dear Mr. President:

On March 6th, you called for more civility in the national dialogue on important issues. One way to demonstrate your fidelity to this noble goal would be to return the $1 million donation that Bill Maher recently gave to a superPAC that is supporting your reelection.

If Maher had made one or two untoward comments about priests over the years, that would hardly be cause for concern. But that is not the case. In fact, he has a long history of speaking about priests in the most degrading and despicable way possible. And it is not just priests who are the target of his vitriol: Maher’s remarks about Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, and the Sacraments are similarly obscene.

Please take the time to read what Bill Maher has said about Roman Catholicism; a copy of his comments is enclosed. I am certain you will be revolted by his hate speech.

It would be a very important cultural marker if you would return his donation. I look forward to reading your response.


William Donohue


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