Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the fractured relationship between President Obama and the University of Notre Dame:

In 2009, when President Barack Obama gave the Commencement Address at the University of Notre Dame, he stressed, “Let’s honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause….”

Yesterday, Father John I. Jenkins, the president of the University of Notre Dame who welcomed President Obama, explained that Notre Dame was suing the Obama administration because of the need to “assert the right to follow our conscience” on matters such as refusing to pay for “abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives and sterilization procedures.”

We expect politicians to embellish, but when it comes to serious issues—and we are talking about a religious liberty issue and a life and death issue—we have a right to expect a more principled response. We’re still waiting for that “sensible conscience clause.”

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