“When he was in the state senate, Barack Obama worked hard against a bill that would provide health care for a baby who survived an abortion…. This is called ‘selective infanticide’…. There’s been a media cover-up on this…”

-Bill Donohue, “Fox and Friends,” May 15, 2008

The Catholic League has been getting many phone calls and e-mails regarding Sen. Obama’s support for infanticide. To read more about how, while in the Illinois state senate, Obama led the fight to deny medical care to infants born alive as a result of botched abortions and let them die unaided in hospital rooms, check out the links below:

Terence P. Jeffrey, Human Events.com, 10-8-08: “The Obama Debate Every American Should See”

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Mona Charen, National Review Online, 9-19-08: “Deniers for Obama”

Nat Hentoff, WorldNetDaily.com, 9-17-08: “Abortion wars crescendo”

Catholic League news release, 9-17-08: “Abortion Survivor to Obama: Stop Supporting Selective Infanticide”

Jim Meyers, Newsmax.com, 8-26-08: “Obama OK’d ‘Live Born’ Abortion”

Terence Jeffrey, Townhall.com, 8-20-08: “Obama and Pro-Life ‘Liars'”

Rich Lowry, RealClearPolitics.com, 8-19-08: “Obama Lying About His Abortion Record”

Amanda Carpenter, Townhall.com, 8-12-08: “Obama Lied ABout Abortion Record”

Patrick J. Buchanan, Buchanan.org, 8-12-08: “A Catholic Case Against Barack”

National Right to Life Committee, NRLC.org, 8-11-08: “Obama Cover-up Revealed on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Bill”

Linda Chavez, LindaChavez.org, 8-8-08: “Obama’s Catholic Problem”

Deal W. Hudson, InsideCatholic.com, 8-7-08: “Is It Fair to Say Barack Obama Supports Infanticide?”

Deal W. Hudson, Catholic.org, 7-8-08: “Deal Hudson on Senator Obama’s Interview”

Catholic League news release, 7-7-08: “Obama Responds to Infanticide Charge”

Deal W. Hudson, InsideCatholic.com, 7-7-08: “Obama Responds to the Infanticide Charge”

Jill Stanek, WorldNetDaily.com, 7-2-08: “Obama’s biggest lie about supporting infanticide”

Deal W. Hudson, InsideCatholic.com, 7-1-08: “Infanticide?”

Catholic League news release, 6-27-08: “Democrats Reach Out to Catholics”

Deal W. Hudson, InsideCatholic.com, 6-26-08: “The Case Against Barack Obama”

William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal, 6-24-08: “NARAL Catholics Line Up for Obama”

William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal, 6-10-08: “Obama, Religion and the Public Square”
Philip Gailey, St. Petersburg Times, 5-26-08: “Obama’s Abortion Vulnerability”
Bill Donohue on “Fox and Friends,” 5-15-08: Donohue discusses Obama’s record on Fox News Channel
National Catholic Register, 5-18-08: “Obama vs. The Right to Life”
Deal Hudson, InsideCatholic.com, 5-12-08: “How Obama’s Catholics Will Dodge the Infanticide Question”
Nat Hentoff, The Sacramento Bee, 4/29/08: “Infanticide Candidate for President”
Jill Stanek, American Conservative Daily, 4/14/08: “Obama Blocked Born Alive Infant Protection Act”
Michael Gerson, The Washington Post, 4-2-08: “Obama’s Abortion Extremism”
Terence P. Jeffrey, Newsmax, 3-3-08: “Obama: Sermon on Mount OKs Same-Sex Unions”
Rick Santorum, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/28/08: “The Elephant in the Room: Obama: A harsh ideologue hidden by a feel-good image”
Terence P. Jeffrey, Human Events, 1/16/08: “More on Obama and Babies Born Alive”
Terence P. Jeffrey, Cybercast News Service, 1/9/08: “Obama Is the Most Pro-Abortion Candidate Ever”
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