On February 26, several officials from the Obama administration met with representatives of the Secular Coalition for America giving people of faith, especially Christians, a good reason to wonder exactly where their interests lie with the Obama administration. It appears that we now have the definitive answer.

In an unprecedented move, leaders of a presidential administration hosted some of the biggest anti-religious zealots in the nation.

No one opposes men and women who are incidentally agnostic or atheist from expressing their concerns, even to the White House. The problem with this meeting was the profile of the coalition’s members and organizations. On the advisory board of the Secular Coalition for America are such activists as Robert Boston, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Susan Jacoby and Michael Newdow. Member organizations include American Atheists, the American Ethical Union and the Council for Secular Humanism. All of these persons and groups have a track record of open hostility to people of faith, and some have been downright bigoted in their assault on Christianity, especially Catholicism.

According to the Secular Coalition’s press release announcing the meeting, three topics were planned for discussion: 1) Protecting Children from Neglect and Abuse; 2) Ending Military Proselytizing; 3) Fixing Faith-Based Initiatives.

If President Obama does not want to go to church, that is his business. But it is the business of the American people, most all of whom are believers, to know where the president and his administration stand with regards to their concerns. It is not likely that this outreach to anti-religious activists—many of whom would crush Christianity if they could—will do anything to calm the fears of people of faith. Indeed, it will only alienate them even further.

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