Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the battle for gay marriage in New York State: 
Before the New York State legislature decides whether to ratify homosexual marriage, it would be nice if one of the lawmakers were to ask what in the world is going on in the gay community. 
A new report issued by the New York City Health Department, “Take Care New York 2012: Tracking the City’s Progress,” shows that while progress is being made to stem smoking, the intake of sugary drinks, and teenage pregnancies, we are going backwards on preventing sexually transmitted diseases among gays.
Between 2007-2009, there was a 6 percent decrease in gay men using condoms. Furthermore, homosexuals account for 60 percent of all newly diagnosed HIV infections each year; in addition, 60 percent of gays who have syphilis also have HIV. Moreover, 85 percent of gays with syphilis continue to have sex. 
It can’t be said that lack of education is the problem. In the last few years, New York City has featured a condom wrapping design contest, and has posted a NYC Condom Facebook page. Also, there is a NYC Condom Finder, a free app that uses GPS to find them. Moreover, condoms are distributed at 45 different events, including LGBT Pride events. During the years when condom use by gays declined, New York City gave away approximately 40 million free condoms per year!   
The lawmakers need to ask gay leaders to testify about this issue. While they’re at it, they might also ask why, unlike all other parades in New York City, the organizers of the Gay Pride Parade (which is this Sunday), must warn marchers not to go naked in the streets. The public has a right to know.
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