The Children’s Museum of Manhattan is honoring the holidays of Hispanics, Jews, Muslims and African Americans, but not Christian ones.  Catholic League president William Donohue commented on this development today:

“October is Hispanic Heritage Month at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and that means a Go, Diego, Go! Festival, and other related events.  Children have also been able to listen to stories about Islamic traditions during October’s Ramadan in New York City Festival.  But there were no Columbus Day events for the city’s Italian Catholic community.  In November, there will be an Eid in New York City Festival for Muslims, but Christians will get nothing for Thanksgiving.  Jewish and African-American holidays will be celebrated in December when the museum honors Hanukkah with a ‘Bananukah’ performance by Danna Banana, and a ‘Magbana Drum and Dance’ performance for Kwanzaa.  But there will be nothing for Christians at Christmas.  Well, not quite: there will be a ‘Festive Fruity Fondue.’  For the uninformed, this means the kids will learn how to melt chocolate fondue berries sprinkled with shredded coconut.

“The majority of New Yorkers are Christian and the nation is 85 percent Christian.  But one would never know this by the way elites react to Christian holidays.  Those who think this is the logical outgrowth of radical secularism are wrong: If that were true, then Jews and Muslims—who together comprise 2 percent of the nation (see Newsweek, 9-5-05)—would be suffering the same fate as Christians.  But they are not.  Their holidays, along with the holidays of racial and ethnic minorities (e.g. blacks and Latinos), are being given high profile.  No, what this is all about is eradicating our Christian heritage.  Look for the attacks on Christmas this year to be more vicious than ever before.  But there is good news: increasingly, Christians are protesting these attacks in the courts and in the court of public opinion.

 “We are lodging a complaint with the museum’s executive director, Andrew S. Ackerman*.”

*NOTE:  Should you wish to contact Mr. Ackerman via email, write to him

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