Church_StateBill Donohue comments on candidates for office in New York City who took their campaign to area houses of worship yesterday; the primaries are tomorrow:

Yesterday, New York City candidates took their campaigns into African-American churches all over the city.

No one seems to care, but if the reverse were true—Catholics welcoming and endorsing politicians at Mass—holy hell would ensue. It just goes to show what an utter sham this business is about violating church and state lines.

No newspaper has been more critical of Catholic priests and bishops who merely address public issues from the pulpit than the New York Times. Worse, no newspaper has been less critical of black churches for routinely thumbing their nose at the First Amendment than the New York Times. At work is more than rank political partisanship: liberal white racism explains a lot.

To read how New York City candidates stumped in churches, click here.

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