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Why does the woman governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, want to destroy women’s sports?

Bruce Blakeman is the Nassau County executive. He recently signed an executive order mandating that any sports entity that wants to hold athletic events in county parks or facilities must “expressly designate” that its teams are male, female or coed, based on the biological sex of the athlete. In other words, males who falsely identify as female must compete against other males; the obverse holds as well.

It is to be expected that the ACLU would object—any organization that falsely believes that men can become pregnant is bound to get it wrong. But Hochul is a woman who says she champions women’s rights. Not when it comes to women’s sports.

Hochul went ballistic when Blakeman held his ground. She accused the women’s rights advocate of “bullying trans kids.”

This is a lie. He did nothing of the sort. Trans kids are not barred from competing in athletics nor has Blakeman bullied them.

“There is nothing lower than trying to score cheap political points by putting a target on the backs of some of our state’s most vulnerable children,” Hochul said.

“Putting a target” on the backs of young people? Accusing someone of violence is a serious matter, and if Blakeman were not a public figure, he could sue her for libel and win. Hochul is out of control.

Hochul is not only discriminating against women, she is endangering them. To cite a recent example, in February three female basketball players in Massachusetts were injured by a male who falsely claimed to be a woman. The coach of the girl’s team forfeited the game after the remaining players on his team were afraid to compete.

Surveys show that 7-in-10 Americans are opposed to allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. But Hochul still doesn’t get it.

Hochul can shout from the rooftop about being a supporter of women’s rights, but the fact is that it is Blakeman, not her, who is the real deal. She has laid anchor with misogynists, doing the dirty work of sabotaging women’s rights.

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