Bill Donohue is appealing to New York State Senator Brad Hoylman to amend his bill on eliminating the statute of limitations for sexual abuse. Below is the text of his letter; it is being sent to all New York lawmakers:

In your March 30 column in the Daily News, you say, “Until every childhood sexual abuse victim has the opportunity to confront their abuser in court, the headlines will remind us that our business is unfinished.” This is so true. That is why I implore you to amend your bill on this subject to include all childhood victims: Your bill does not address those who have been abused in the public schools.

As you say, your bill would “eliminate the statute of limitations for civil actions for certain sex offenses committed against a minor,” allowing a “one-year ‘look back’ period in which past claims could be resolved.” That is a commendable position, but its application is limited to private institutions.

In a March 29 Daily News story, it says you are using its series on this issue to get your colleagues to support your bill. Fine. What must be noted, however, is the March 30 Daily News editorial. “All institutions that are responsible for protection of the welfare of minors must be treated equally before the law,” it said. The editorial also notes that pending legislation would perpetuate an “inequity,” one that sustains the status quo. This means that the changes would “apply only to private institutions, and not to local government institutions, such as the public schools.”

If you are as impressed as we are with the Daily News’ editorial, then please amend your bill to be inclusive of all institutions.

Contact Sen. Hoylman:

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