In May, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul directed the Division of Criminal Justice Services to coordinate $10 million in funding for “safety and security capital grants for abortion providers and reproductive health centers to further secure their facilities and ensure the safety of patients and staff.”

No abortion clinics have been firebombed in New York State but a crisis pregnancy center in Buffalo has. So who gets the money to protect staff? The abortion clinics.

On June 13, Hochul signed legislation to protect abortion rights ahead of the expected high court decision on Roe. She also took the opportunity to declare war on crisis pregnancy centers. The bill she is promoting authorizes an investigation of these entities.

It is essentially a form of harassment. According to Jim Harden, who operates the Buffalo pro-life center that was targeted, the bill will require crisis pregnancy centers to turn over information on donors and confidential patient records. Indeed, all internal memos, files and policies must be made available to government authorities. This is phase one. The second phase will be a host of regulatory measures designed to crush them.

What Hochul is doing proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that pro-abortion activists never believed in “choice” for women. Real choice means being allowed to have access to those who offer advice and services on both sides of the abortion issue. She wants to kill the pro-life message.

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