When the “Nuns on the Bus” last rolled out of town the bus was almost empty: only two made the entire trip. Never were there more than seven on the (luxury) bus at any one time. Recently they began in Jersey City and will end their magical mystery tour in San Francisco. The gig is being funded by Organizing for Action (OFA).

Interestingly, OFA’s website address is barackobama.com; it was set up earlier this year to implement the Obama agenda. While the nuns promote immigration reform, OFA advocates ObamaCare, a component of which is the anti-Catholic Health and Human Services Mandate.

But these nuns, who expressly eschew commenting on abortion, are not troubled by such matters.

OFA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Unlike conservative groups, it hasn’t been subject to harassment. Small wonder. It also helps when a 501(c)(4) launches before applying for tax-exempt status; it has yet to do so. Also, it pledges to disclose the names of donors giving over $250 on its website, on a quarterly basis. It’s been in operation for over four months, but has yet to do so; it says it will make these disclosures “in the near future.”

The “Nuns on the Bus” website lists a job opening for a Field Coordinator. Nowhere does the job description say anything about commitment to Catholic teachings. The word Catholic doesn’t even appear; the closest is a sentence about the “spiritual side” of the “Nuns on the Bus.” Here’s what it says: “On the spiritual side, we need someone who can keep our community as motivated as they were the day the bus rolled into town and to capture that motivation and turn it into action.” That’s as close as “Nuns on the Bus” are going to get about matters spiritual—never mind Catholic—taking action on behalf of Obama.

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