A new television show called “The Knick,” began airing on Cinemax (whose parent company is Time Warner) in August. During a recent episode, Sister Harriet, a nurse who runs an orphanage, visited an Irish Catholic woman. The woman, Nora, said she wanted to have an abortion. Nora didn’t want her husband to find out.

•  Sister Harriet: “Your husband will know nothing of it. I promise.”

•  Nora: “Will God forgive me? I don’t want to go to hell for killing a baby.”

•  Sister Harriet: “He knows that you suffered. I believe the Lord’s compassion will be yours.” [The audience is led to believe that the nun performs the abortion.]

It is no secret that Hollywood is a big pro-abortion town, but to depict a nun who performed an abortion is a new low.

The only saving grace in the episode was the real-life recognition of the woman who was about to have the abortion: she admitted that her baby was going to be killed.

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