After watching last night’s edition of “Nothing Sacred,” William Donohue had this to say about the show:

“The second segment of ‘Nothing Sacred’ lived up to its name once again. It began and ended with gratuitous sex and in between it managed to portray a church that in the real world wouldn’t pass muster with the board of health. Just as it did last week, this week’s program depicted a church populated by three types of persons: dysfunctional adults, cold-hearted traditionalists and, of course, the good guys–Father Ray and his New Age sidekick, Sister ‘Mo.’

“The fundamental problem with Father Ray is that he hates being a priest. A priest who has a vocation doesn’t react with utter disgust at the thought of saying Mass. But Father Ray does and that is why he says things like, ‘I hate Sunday’s–day of rest, what a crock!’ and ‘What kind of job is this–everyone else has weekend’s off?’ Quite naturally, Father Ray is not only unprepared to give a homily, he views such preparation as a nuisance. In the same vein, when Sister ‘Mo’ and Father Leo snicker at Father Eric for giving a traditional homily, what they are saying is that this kind of priestly function is for nerds: real priests, according to them, tend to the needs of the drug addicts who are shooting up in the men’s room and the transvestites who are gathered in the ladies’ room.

“The only thing priestly about Father Ray is his occasional wearing of vestments, and that is why he comments, ‘I’m going upstairs now and put on some nice clean clothes and become a priest’ (my emphasis). When Sister ‘Mo’ invokes Buddha during a prayer and Father Leo instructs Father Ray that there is no such thing as ‘doing the right thing,’ the writers are seeking to relativize Catholicism. Father Ray’s comment, ‘Who knows less about marriage than a priest?’ and his quip that the sacramental basis of matrimony ‘depends on how much you believe in the Bible as erotica’ reveals that there is an unmistakable agenda to this show. “The Catholic League will continue its protest of Disney/ABC and will continue to boycott the sponsors of the show.”

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