The Catholic League would like to announce two new ways for our supporters to follow us on the Internet. We have established pages on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter in addition to the Feedback section on the Catholic League homepage.

These new pages will allow Catholic League followers to get the latest updates on news releases, chatterbox stories, videos, pictures and media appearances by Bill Donohue. These sites will also expand the league’s reach to a broader audience, including young people who regularly use these social networking sites.

Your continued help, by following us online, can provide us with information that will help the Catholic League stamp out anti-Catholicism and win the fight against those who seek to offend us.


The Catholic League’s Twitter page will allow us to post short messages, no longer than 140 characters, to inform followers of the league’s activities. These messages, also known as “tweets,” will often link to full-length pieces from the Catholic League, op-ed articles by Donohue or other interesting articles that we would like our fans to be aware of.

Twitter will also allow us to post real time messages of breaking news from the Catholic League, upcoming media engagements by Donohue and events within the Catholic community. Joining Twitter is free. To sign up and become a follower of the Catholic League, please go to


The league’s Facebook page is another way that we can keep in touch with our fans. The Catholic League’s page will allow fans to post messages on our wall, view Catholic League videos, pictures, news releases and links to articles that the Catholic League finds interesting and informative. Our Facebook page will also allow fans to view the league’s favorite websites and blogs.

Facebook is also a free service, but in order to view the league’s page one must have a Facebook account. To view the league’s Facebook page, Facebook members should search for the Catholic League in the Facebook search engine.


The league would also like to remind our members that we can still be contacted through the Feedback section located on the front page of our website, The Feedback section has been one of the major sources for member-provided information. In the past we have received numerous valuable leads from our members through the Feedback section and we hope that you will continue to provide us with those leads.

Please remember when using the Feedback section details are very important. If you are registering a complaint about a television show, radio program, offensive newspaper or magazine article, please provide as much information as you can remember. The date, the time, what channel you were watching or what section of the newspaper in which you saw the offensive item are all very important. The more details, the better. This will allow Catholic League staff members to find and verify the offensive material more quickly and allow us to confront the offender in a timely manner. No item is too small or too local to report to us, especially during the upcoming Christmas season, when secular attacks on our religion seem to increase tenfold.

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