The following is a comparative analysis of current holiday greeting cards:


Of the 104 Christmas cards, nine are religious; one mentions Jesus and none features a nativity scene.  In its “Humor” category, three have mild scatological references and one has sexual overtones.  Of the 5 Hanukkah cards, four feature menorahs; even the one “Humor” card has a menorah.  Of the 6 Kwanzaa cards, all are respectful and none is humorous.


There are 31 categories of Christmas cards, one of which is “Religious.”  There are 7 e-cards dubbed “Risque” that are replete with sexual gags.  In the “Rude” category, there are 17 scatologically oriented cards.  All of the 12 Hanukkah cards are respectful, most of which have a menorah or Star of David.  All of the 24 Kwanzaa cards are respectful.

American Greetings

Among its e-cards, there are over 200 Christmas cards listed among several categories.  There are 119 “Merry Christmas” cards, 39 “Religious” cards and 18 “Rude” cards (most feature flatulence and urine jokes).  The 35 “Happy Hanukkah” cards and the 9 “Family” Hanukkah cards are evenly split between secular and religious.  Of the 14 “Funny” Hanukkah cards, all are respectful.  There were no disrespectful Kwanzaa cards among the 24 listed.  Among American Greetings’ Create and Print cards, there is no “Rude” section for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, just for Christmas (some of which include oral sex jokes).

Catholic League president William Donohue concludes: “Not to include any disrespectful holiday cards for Jews and African Americans does violence to the multicultural virtue of inclusion.  How did this happen?”

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