Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on attempts to normalize pedophilia:

USA Today is getting flak for publishing an article by journalist Alia Dastagir for saying that not all adults who are sexually attracted to children are molesters; they need to be understood, not chastised.

In her piece, she mentions that Allyn Walker recently had to resign from Old Dominion, following a student protest, after she gave an interview arguing that pedophiles should be called “minor-attracted people.” [Note: Walker was falsely identified as a man by Dastagir—she is a biological woman who thinks she is a man.]

Unfortunately, this problem is much bigger than what the critics of Dastagir and Walker think.

As I recount in my new book, The Truth About Clergy Sexual Abuse, in the mid-twentieth century professor Alfred Kinsey, the zoologist turned sexpert, found it perfectly acceptable to garner research data from adult men who sexually stimulated infants and children. He documented babies and young boys who had “experienced” orgasms, taking tabs on the number and length of the orgasms. One of his sexually abused subjects was two months old; twenty-eight were under the age of one.

Homosexual activists have long justified pedophilia. Harry Hay is regarded as the founder of the gay rights movement. He not only endorsed sexual relations between adults and minors, he said the kids would love it. Larry Kramer, founder of ACT-UP, also maintained that “very often” children like having sex with adults.

The term “minor-attracted persons” (“MAPs”) was not coined by Walker. She correctly identifies B4U-ACT as the originator of this sanitized term for pedophiles. Founded in 2003, this is an organization of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, many of whom teach at prestigious universities, dedicated to the proposition that MAPs (who are almost all men) are seriously misunderstood and suffer from being stigmatized by the rest of us.

B4U-ACT believes that pedophilia is not a sexual disorder; rather, it is sexual orientation, much like homosexuality. Its members take umbrage at the notion that MAPs are mentally disturbed, and some argue that it is nonsense to say that children are unable to consent to sex with adults. As one of their sages put it, “An adult’s desire to have sex with children is  ‘normative.'”

One of the co-founders of B4U-ACT was Michael Melsheimer, a former YMCA director who was sent to a federal prison for four years for sexually abusing kids. He committed suicide in 2010. When he died, B4U-ACT never mentioned in its obituary that he was a child rapist.

It is one thing for a Hollywood producer to lure kids to have sex with him. It is quite another when distinguished mental health professionals seek to normalize pedophilia. This is the state of sexual ethics in elite quarters in the United States today.

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