A new fashion group, Imitation of Christ, is buying old clothes from the Salvation Army and then “crucifying” them by putting stains on them, cutting them up, etc.  They actually sell these filthy wares to rich kids who think it’s cool.

When William Donohue was asked to comment on this, he told the New York Daily News “It’s a cheap way to make a fast buck off rather stupid people.”  He also explained why he wasn’t going to get too crazy over this: “I’ve got to make distinctions between mainstream designers and third-rate phonies.  And these days this kind of trendy stuff has become so routine as to really numb the senses.”

However, Donohue did see an opportunity for him to get into the action as well: “I have a pair of old jeans with puke on them from a bachelor party and I’m anxious to hear from them.”  He is deeply saddened that no one’s called.

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