Beginning tonight, Get Real Art Gallery in New York will feature the work of artist Paul Richard.  Besides depicting Jackie Onassis in a Kotex Light Days Panty Liners ad, Pope John Paul II is portrayed with a gerbil.

Catholic League president William Donohue offered the following remarks today:

“I did a Nexis database search on Paul Richard and all I could find was a reporter by that name who works for the Washington Post.  When I researched the Get Real Art Gallery, I wound up with nothing.  Which tells me that this is a no-name artist pawning his stuff off on a no-name gallery.  But given the content of his ‘installation’ (I’m learning art lingo these days at the Catholic League), I’m surprised the Brooklyn Museum of Art didn’t snatch it up first.

“In any event, that a Greenwich Village gallery would feature kotex and gerbils is unexceptional.  What ever happened to portraits of apples?  Boring though they were, they at least didn’t want to make you barf.”

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