Sears has officially pledged not to run any more ads on the ABC Show, “Nothing Sacred.” A spokeswoman for the department store said “Sears actually has never ‘sponsored’ Nothing Sacred in that we have not run national advertising during the show. Ads appeared in a few local markets due to inadvertent placements made by our advertising agency that places local media.” The next statement was definitive: “We have instructed our local market ad agency to ensure that no Sears ads appear on the show.” Finally, the spokeswoman said, “we intend not to run ads during this program in the future.”

Sears becomes the eighth company to decide not to advertise on “Nothing Sacred” again. It joins Isuzu, Weight Watchers, K-Mart, Benckiser, DuPont, Red Lobster and Ocean Spray.

William Donohue greeted the announcement with joy:

“Sears is more than a department store, it is vintage Americana. That is why I am so pleased by its decision not to promote ‘Nothing Sacred.’ In doing so, Sears has demonstrated that it is worthy of the patronage of all Americans who are concerned with fairness in the media. Too bad Disney/ABC doesn’t hold to the same ethical standards as Sears.”

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