Bill Donohue comments on Catholic-bashing remarks made on nighttime TV over the past week:

On June 6, Showtime ran a rerun of an earlier “HAPPYish” show that featured Ellen Barkin saying that Jesus and Lazarus were lovers. To which Bradley Whitford replied, “I thought it was Judas who f***ed Jesus.”

On June 7, John Oliver spoke about the confessional on his HBO show. He said to the priest, “What do you mean is there anything else? I don’t know—I masturbated into a kiwi fruit.”

On June 7, “HAPPYish” featured Steve Coogan of “Philomena” fame praising Jesus for being a marketing genius by launching a “We’ll save you” campaign. Coogan offered as an example of what Jesus said, “We’ll even save your d****.”

On June 9, a reair of “Tosh.0” on Comedy Central had one of its characters opine, “You know I’m not fond of stained glass. When I was an altar boy a priest licked my ass.”

On June 9, there was an exchange on the Comedy Central show “@Midnight” about cigarette smoking and shooting up with drugs. If you shoot up at church, said a contestant, “you’ll get a thumb up your ass from yours truly.” This was followed by similar remarks, ending with Sean Donnelly saying it happened to him because he’s “Irish Catholic.”

On June 10, Dr. Drew’s HLN show had a panel discussion about student conduct in a Christian school. After Drew made a sarcastic remark about such schools, a panelist answered in kind, “Because a Catholic school raises kids right.” To which Drew said, “Well, the Duggars taught us that, of course.” [Note: the Duggars are not Catholic.]

Most of these people are jerks, so it is a waste of time to register a complaint with them. But Dr. Drew should know better.

Contact HLN PR director Alison Rudnick:

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