La Guardia High School of Music, Art and the Performing Arts pulled an obscene art exhibit just in time to avoid the league’s wrath. Located on the upper west side in Manhattan, the school withdrew four objectionable art displays after word had gotten out that some Catholics might not appreciate the exhibit.

The most obscene piece showed a poster on a refrigerator door with a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus surrounded with vulgar statements. It also showed a man offering a penis to Jesus. Another piece of “art” showed a Catholic schoolgirl in a skirt with her legs spread; it was also dotted with sexual comments.

The league was prepared to take its case to the media with this issue, but the curator, principal and superintendent had already decided to pull the pieces from the exhibit after some parents and students had already seen it.

It should be known that several parents defended the “art.” Indeed, the student responsible for the withdrawn pieces admitted that his work was “meant to offend.” Many of the students at the school supported him and were far more concerned about offending him than they were in insulting Catholics. In fact, they said that their only real concern was having the display “censored.”

Had it not been for some Catholic laborers who work at the school, this issue may never have come to light.

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