Catholic League Survey:
Should the Daily News be allowed to hire columnist Jimmy Breslin, despite his long record of Catholic bashing?
________Yes, it’s a private newspaper and it has the right to do so.
________No, we’re talking about a bigot, so the right doesn’t apply.
________I don’t know.
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Bill Donohue explains why he devised this survey: On the website of today’s Daily News, readers were asked whether St. Anthony’s High School on Long Island has the right to bar a female student from bringing her ex-girlfriend to the prom. Readers were asked the following: “Should the Catholic school have the right to bar same-sex couples at the prom?”
________Yes, it’s a private institution and homosexuality goes against church teachings.
________No, we’re talking about a prom, not marriage, the school shouldn’t exclude anyone.
________I don’t know.
By posing the question in terms of rights—instead of asking whether readers agree with the decision—the Daily News is making this issue into a matter of church and state, implying that it is a rebuttal assumption on the part of St. Anthony’s that it has the right to determine its own rules. Hope they get my point. 
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