In recognition of the closing of the “Sensation” exhibit on January 9, the Catholic League has bought a New Year’s gift for Brooklyn Museum of Art director Arnold Lehman. The gift is an extra-large pooper scooper and a package of ten hypo-allergenic disposable latex gloves; they are to be used to dismantle the dung from Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary.”

The present will be mailed on Thursday with the expectation that it will be delivered on the first business day of the New Year, January 3. A picture of Catholic League president William Donohue with the gift is available on our website at

William Donohue explained why he bought the gift:

“Just as we provided vomit bags to facilitate the process of puking when the exhibit opened, we are now providing a pooper scooper and surgical gloves—latex, of course—to facilitate the sanitary removal of the dung. This should put to rest the rumor that we are not eco-conscious at the Catholic League. And besides, who wants to step in barf and feces while dismantling this masterpiece?

“We hope that Arnold Lehman appreciates our thoughtfulness and puts our New Year’s gift to good use. We also hope he doesn’t exploit museum workers by ordering them to clean up his filth.”

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