On July 18, Pope Benedict XVI named Bishop David Zubik the new Bishop of Pittsburgh. A native Pittsburgher, he was greeted with enthusiasm by most area residents. A noticeable exception was the way John McIntire of WTZN-FM reacted.

McIntire sported his anti-Catholic colors by making several coarse statements about Bishop Zubik’s reception with local children. “That’s a dangerous scenario,” he said. McIntire also exclaimed, “who the hell cares about a guy at the head of some bureaucratic organization,” and went on to slam men “dressed in funny costumes” and gay seminarians.

The person who brought this issue to our attention is Br. Gabriel Myriam Kurzawski, a Benedictine Monk and seminarian at St. Vincent Archabbey. He registered a complaint with McIntire’s boss, Jim Meltzer, labeling McIntire’s remarks “crude and hateful”; he also demanded an apology. He added, “I do not feel that I have to list the many positive contributions the Catholic Church has made in the Pittsburgh area over the past two-hundred plus years; these acts are seen daily by those in need.”

We agree with Br. Gabriel; Bishop Zubik deserves none of this. We suggest that our members tell McIntire’s boss what they think. Write to Jim Meltzer, Vice President, 93.7 The Zone/WTZN, 651 Holiday Drive, Foster Plaza 5, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.
Let Meltzer know, too, that if McIntire wants to debate Bill Donohue, all he has to do is give him a ring.

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