The House of Blues is a string of nightclubs found in large metropolitan areas.  We once had a problem with its logo, a rendition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but thanks in large part to the efforts of the late Cardinal Bernardin, we were able to convince the owner of the chain that its logo should be modified.  Now the New Orleans club has drawn a complaint from the Catholic League.  Because the chain is under new ownership (actor Dan Ackroyd), we are giving him a chance to respond before going any further.

The problem is that the New Orleans House of Blues is hosting “Resurrection,” a special theme night every Sunday.  The promotional material is patently offensive to Catholics, and the performer, Kevin Aviance, is best known for his performances in drag; he likes to sing songs with obscene names.

The Catholic League is asking Mr. Ackroyd to use his leverage to persuade the operators of this club to recognize that this theme-night exhibition crosses the line from satire to insult.  We maintain that in a nation that prides itself in respecting the cultural heritage of every group in society, this kind of bigotry should not be countenanced.   Hopefully, Mr. Ackroyd will be as considerate as the previous owner, Issac Tigrett, and act on our appeal.

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